Knuckledown Productions & Mfg.

Knuckledown Productions & Mfg. is a small, family-owned, family-operated business based in Miami, FL. We are die-hard Pinzgauer owners who believe in bringing you high quality accessories to complete your own Pinzgauer dreams. Like you, we’ve laid awake at night thinking about the next modification. (Click here to see our own pride and joy).

Every Knuckledown accessory is made locally with only the best in materials and craftsmanship. Fabrication and welding are done by local accomplished welder and fabricators.

Generally, Knuckledown Productions does not carry a large inventory, so we ask that our customers expect delivery in two to four weeks for specialty products. We will do our very best to meet or beat these time frames. We also want to take our Pinzgauer’s out on the trail!

From time to time, we carry parts and accessories made by other companies, but which we feel meet our standards.

Knuckledown Productions & Mfg. does not sell Pinzgauer vehicles. We would urge prospective buyers to contact Mr. Thilo Kass at T-Lo’s Ultimate Off-Road ™,, or if they are looking for quality Pinzgauer trucks.